De Ronde Creative Hub provide an in house sampling service from prototype through to pre-production.  This can be one of the most exciting parts of the production cycle, seeing your ideas and designs come to life.


This is the first samples we make, using the patterns from the pattern cutting process and accompanying tech pack.  This is the stage where we make sure the sample is in line with your product design and vision and performs it intended function and all trims are function and placements are correct.   During the prototype sample we also do our first fit sample and check the how sample fits and feels when worn, that the seams and trims, inside and out, are as expected

  • Initial Sample.
  • Check sample matches clients design, vision and function.
  • First fit to check sizing, feel and trims positioning


Pre-Production samples are created once the Prototype Sample round is signed off, and is created using full production materials and any branded trims.  This is a critical stage as this sample provides the basis on which full production will be used, and this is the last chance for the client to approve fit, feel, trims, seams etc.

  • Final fit sample.
  • Final check of design, fit, feel, trims and seams.
  • Note – Changes after this stage can be costly.